"ULTRA MAGA" State Battles Will Rise if SCOTUS Overturns Roe

Amend the Constitution for the Right to Human Life

"ULTRA MAGA" State Battles Will Rise if SCOTUS Overturns Roe
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Today we are on the cusp of America reversing the laws of legal abortions in the United States. 49 years, 4 months, and 20 days ago the Supreme Court made the worst decision in American history. One that would enable states to deprive 63 million fetuses of life. This week, a SCOTUS decision on Jackson Women's Health Organization v. Dobbs may be handed down according to the Supreme Courts' calendar. As early as this morning, a landslide decision by the Supreme Court could shift state laws abruptly restricting access to abortion providers. Pro-choice states will end up amending their Constitutions or passing laws to overrule the Supreme Courts' decisions in the wake of Roe V. Wade's nullification. In this case, we appeal to Union Governors and officials to stand firm and waiver not in righteousness when evil attempts to seed itself into our soil. We remind you that battles are short-lived, but the Union is forever!

After the December 1, 2021, SCOTUS oral arguments were held over the Jackson v. Dobbs case, a draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked.[1] Battle lines were literally drawn as a result, and aggression was felt from the left when churches were burned and the homes of Justices were protested due to the leaked opinion. Recently, Nicholas John Roske, 26, of Simi Valley, California turned himself in by calling the cops and confessing his plot to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh and himself after breaking into his house. His reasoning to commit these horrendous crimes; the leaked opinion, his belief in the right to abortion, and the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. God intervened and no harm was done to the Justice. If public violence and destruction of property is an outcome of a leaked opinion, then the chaos which threatens to obliterate our nation post-Dobbs is unconscionable. The Constitution has laid out the framework for all citizens to enjoy freedoms safe from tyranny. The interpretation of these documents is crucial to the liberty of America thereof. Today, if the 14th Amendment is correctly interpreted, our nation may split into a deeply divided country. Traitors v. Patriots would be the only two positions left to hold once again, in the American saga.

How Did This Happen?

In 1970, Norma McCorvey became pregnant, but instead of carrying her child to term, she decided to have an abortion in Texas. At the time, Texas law did not permit abortions except to save a mother's life. So under the pseudo name of "Jane Roe," two female lawyers, Coffee and Weddington, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas on behalf of McCorvey. Sarah Weddington and her colleague Linda Coffee argued that the anti-abortion laws written in Texas were vague and negatively affected a woman's right to privacy. Years prior to Roe v. Wade, Linda Coffee got her sexual justice career up and running by arguing against a Texas anti-sodomy law. After winning that case, she noticed a case where the California Supreme Court acquitted a doctor for referring a woman to an illegal abortion provider. Coffee came to the conclusion that if a higher court had dismissed an anti-abortion California law, then possibly a Texas state abortion law could be overruled due to vague wording that constitutionally affected the “due process” clause of the 14th Amendment. After Linda Coffee had gained a basic understanding of the vague legal wording of Texas' anti-abortion laws and California's high court acquittals, Norma McCorvey came into Coffee's practice after being referred by another attorney. Now that Coffee had a plaintiff she was ready to argue her findings against the state of Texas. It's worth noting that in 1973 when Coffee and Weddington challenged the Constitution's 14th Amendment, there were no female justices in the United States Supreme Court. So basically, Coffee and Weddington would depend on a men's only court to hear their interpretive constitutional argument, and at the time Sarah Weddington was only 26 years old.

These two wielded the fate of all women and unborn children nationwide. They debated our forefather's ramifications of "Life and Liberty" without realizing its impact to come. They famously won the Roe v. Wade case which became a landmark decision, but one must wonder if Coffee and Weddington may have endured hardships knowing their victory led to over 60 million children dying during their lifetime. In reality, Linda Coffee has shown no regrets over the lives lost. In fact, she has recently voiced concerns about the law being overturned. She is mostly worried about the chaotic number of legal cases that would accumulate in the aftermath of Jackson v. Dobbs. “They’re going to be having so much litigation. I think it’ll have a really bad impact," stated Coffee in a recent article by pewtrust.org. Sarah Weddington never really voiced any grievances over the loss of life that came from her SCOTUS victory. Intriguingly enough, before passing last year at the age of 76, Weddington watched her plaintiff, Norma, lead a 2009 Notre Dame anti-abortion march in opposition to President Barack Obama's abortion stance. On the other hand, Norma McCorvey, a.k.a. "Jane Roe" has shown great public determination to withstand the furtherance of her actions stating, “I will do anything to overturn my decision in Roe v. Wade."

Failed Bills & Heart Beat Acts

In May, the nation watched Democratic legislation get voted down, that if passed, would have reinforced abortion laws in America. In a last-ditch effort to push against Justice Alito's draft opinion, the Dems stirred up every ounce of the vote they had left in their God-forsaken party to redeem themselves among the blazing approach of national justice. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and all republicans brought the vote 49-51. Chuck Schumer took the floor stating, “Today’s vote is one of the most consequential we will take in decades because for the first time in 50 years, a conservative majority, an extreme majority on the Supreme Court, is on the brink of declaring that women do not have freedom over their own bodies.” The Senate 50-50 split makes it difficult for the Democrats to easily pass laws that would further fetal genocide in America, but the fact that the filibuster is in the way only irritates their gross overreaching. Speaking of Manchin, he has said he would not abolish the filibuster, and voting against his own party has granted him fame as a terrible Democrat, obviously. If Manchin did not stand against this recent legislation, if passed, it would have restricted state laws from stopping late-term abortions. U.S. Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), delivered the following remarks on the Senate floor regarding Democrats’ abortion extremism, “Our Democratic colleagues want to vote for abortion on demand through all nine months, until the moment before a baby is born. A failed show vote that will only prove their own extremism." The leader pointed out that Democrats are a party that is out-of-touch with reality by adding, “Democrats’ radical bill is as extreme as extreme gets. It ignores modern science. It is tone-deaf to public opinion." Next up, legal infanticide right? Don't tread on us! These colors don't run!

As Americans we are opposed to the act of hurting fetuses in the womb because we know that they are living beings that have a right to live. Feelings and heartbeats are included in the God-given genetic make-up of these beings, and no man on earth has the authority under heaven to take that life away by causing injury to that being. The Texas Heart Beat Act bans abortion after the detection of embryonic or fetal cardiac activity, which normally occurs after about six weeks of pregnancy. This should be the standard we strive toward as righteous, free people. The Great Sen. Jason Rapert of Arkansas, started the national heartbeat bills off by writing them into Arkansas law stating, "An abortion is prohibited under §20-16-1304. If a heartbeat has been detected." SB134 is a historic piece of legislation called 'The Arkansas Human Heart Beat Act'. We feel this type of legislation must reverberate into every U.S. state as active law to abolish abortion.[2] We now pray that the words prophesized in Arkansas during a 50-state tour by Apostle Dutch Sheets, "As goes Arkansas, so goes the nation," are active and alive.


War is on the horizon and it lurks in the shadows as we fight for our rights. All those who have decided to stand against us Patriots shall perish from the Earth. Murder will never overcome life, as Biden will never overcome Trump. All stolen elections aside, Biden seems to believe that standing for life makes us "ULTRA MAGA". His new anti-Trump term is only paying us a compliment, because it's an honor to protect life in America. We have even set a holiday in place regarding this duty, we call it memorial day. We celebrate those who lost their lives while fighting for our freedoms, which include life and Liberty. Our God and our Country, life and liberty, are all under assault by the left and their jackal President. Joe Biden is as arrogant in his stance against life in America, as satan was against the seed of Eve in the Garden of Eden. As discerning as we've become in the last decade against the evil plans of the Dems, it has become evident to us all, that usurpations have occurred against Americans once again. American Patriots are pressed for battle, so we may end this curse that has been set like a snare for the fowler. As the Supreme Court makes its decision known to the world on overturning Roe v. Wade or not, we must reform and protect the Union whatever may be the outcome. States will soon change their laws to appease murder, in that moment, we must stand. Never before in history have Americans been forced to decide whether we war for children's lives like today. Is it an offense to the left that we desired America to be great and for American life to thrive in the land? If so, we appeal to them directly by decreeing, we desire not that red American blood is shed from the womb to the grave! Yet again, we must rise to the great calling that is set before us all. We must fight for our freedoms at all costs. If democracy fails us, our God will not, and abortion shall be abolished in this land. We the people, will uproot this evil at once. Our Constitution and our people in this great land shall be saved even if it is, "an eye for an eye."

  1. |No. 19-1392 Thomas E. Dobbs, State Health Officer of the Mississippi Department of Health, et al., Petitioners v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, et al. Case File / For the live release of Jackson v Dobbs Announcement of orders and opinions from SCOTUS click here ↩︎

  2. |SB134 - TO CREATE THE ARKANSAS HUMAN HEARTBEAT PROTECTION ACT; TO PROTECT UNBORN CHILDREN / This Bill was sponsered by the great Sen. Jason Rapert. For Bill Status History click here ↩︎


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