Restore The Republic

The United States of America is well known to be the greatest nation in the world for things like self-governance of the people, the Bill of Rights, Democracy, and our Constitution of the United States of America.

Restore The Republic
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Today, the fabric of our nation is being worn down by the demands that have been placed on her. If you take a look at American culture you'll discern the battle for the high ground taking place. The nation seems not only split down the middle but shattered into multiple divisions, a blitz to win a revolutionary war of the minds in the country is underway. Enemies of the Republic are present and are attempting to execute plans that create defining moments to sway the times and the seasons. The high ground of morality is not the route the enemy has chosen to take. Hence, we see the decay in the fabric of our society taking its toll from decades of folly and error the liberal left and the no-backbone right have taken.

Our political atmosphere is constantly in gridlock and a mutual consensus between the two major parties in the nation is seldom seen. We are left with lack-lustered leadership chasing false narratives for one another while the American people stand in wait. The American people are likened to a child watching their parents fight over dinner as the child prays to God that it ends without violence. What are the two "parent parties" fighting over? What is all the commotion about on the Hill? It's all over your inheritance America. You are possessors of life and liberty and it is all up for grabs for the most tyrannical individual, thinks the fool. Our nation is under tremendous pressure due to lobbyists and interest groups fighting for leadership. Now, America is without leadership after the left stole the elections. The impressionable minds of our youth are the prize to these wolves who salivate over them, but they forgot the Shepards are in the field.

America it is time for restoration while the enemy of the people is crouching at the gate. A position we are familiar with regarding our adversaries. Though, this time things seem to be different. Our enemy has risen from within. Attempting treasonous actions that thwart America's greatness. She's become tattered due to the filthy work of so-called, social justice issues that have formed into government appeasement. Tactics to use our justice system to legalize sinful lifestyles were not our forefather's intentions for our judicial system. These people have no object but to usurp influence for selfish gain, but the Kingdom can't be shaken. Our ever-expanding operations and overseas diplomacy in this century have hit peaks well above any nation's normalities and the fine line we walk in foreign locations is tight. What does the left decide the best foreign policy is at the time? To fly pride flags on our embassies that even our enemies despise. That is not the way to lead a nation on the World stage for America.

Our Future Is Now

We’ve pushed the boundaries of the human expression of freedom to great heights. Can we continue in the great experiment of democracy, life, and liberty without restoration and visitation of the glory of God? No. Our nation is destined to be under the mighty right hand of our God. Ungodly leaders are suffocating the patriotic voice from being released and divination has attempted to work through ungodly leaders, God will have the final word on the matter. The moment when the world needs America the most and they cannot discern a statesman leader among her, God is readying one. God is looking for a people he could use to show his glory while America is wounded and in need of the greatest turnaround a nation has undergone. We must be restored to our place of honor once again! We must see revival and reformation in the land, it is the only hope for our God-ordained destiny to come to pass. With our cause, we are determined to continue the process of the work at hand. More people in the world today are pursuing happiness. Today leaders have to lead from the front in a direction that matters to the American people. When we take one step forward God takes two for us, nothing is impossible.

As we know, the time we hold is not likened to the form of a pond but like a river. We stand waiting for currents to sweep us away or form the current around us. Never before have we had to undergo such tumultuous times. Even as a fetus my own life was put at risk by the hands of my government. Today, my mother is still disabled due to abortion coercion she was subject to from superiors of classified projects. As I was in the womb, women at work that my mother was directly under, conspired against me and coerced her into aborting me to finish the project on time. Northrop Grumman attempted to kill me for money after they required her to abort my sibling. Afterward, they covered it all up by withholding a fair trial from us. This was workplace pregnancy harassment and abortion coercion, NASA, Northrop.

Can we agree that killing me is not okay? Our lives in America matter, and God is the one who gave them. These, attempting to take it before birth must themselves take account for their actions against humanity. Life is sacred, valuable, and precious in this era of creation, and will always be. Anyone, attempting to destroy it from birth is hereby an enemy of the people and is "NOT," eligible legally, or otherwise to govern such a great people as the United States of America. Planned Parenthoods are companies of death, not life unto liberty. Therefore they are non-American, illicit governments against the people and are to immediately cease and desist from practicing all government leadership and resign. Under the Constitution of the United States of America, you are hereby subject to dismantling. As a legal citizen, justice shall be served and God's nation shall be restored to harmony by the people, and for the people. I am a practicer of my rights, freedoms, and laws. I speak as a prophetic Judge over this nation, setting myself towards the Presidency of the United States of America, commissioned by "God Almighty." I am a son of the Republic, a Son of Heaven, following our Lord Jesus Christ who is always with us. We shall restore the republic for the Kingdom of God in America, it is our call.

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Leadership Guide

Today, we must keep form and only represent the values of the American people as a whole. This is key to survival. You can also attempt to lead from the front. Our citizens understand conflicts and as a people birthed from many into one country, under God, we can withstand a great number of issues at once. The Constitution is not for debate, it is the American's word.

By Sean Dylan, the Founder & 1st Speaker of the Union of Appeals & an Avid Proponent of American Government Reformation & Revival.

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