Union of Appeals: The Prophecy Of The Crest

Union of Appeals: The Prophecy Of The Crest


31 views • Jul 18, 2021 • This is a video of two major Prophets seeing the Crest of the Union Of Appeals. I found the crest on a Facebook page of another apostle Greg Bears of Lakepointe Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and asked him if I could use it for my political party's flag. That is why Kim Clement said it would be taken as a resource. Kim said, "it looks like Saturn." Did you know there is a hexagon on Saturn that resembles the crest? Robin Bullock saw the twine of the crest and called it the new League of Nations symbol! Robin said it looked like a clock. If you count the arms of the crest by 5's you get to 60 at the top.

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