An Appeal To The Union

Our Universe has a court system, the throne of God. When America's courts were compromised, we appealed to God, and he responded, that we should reform.

An Appeal To The Union
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Have you ever heard of the George Washington Cruisers’ flag? Most people haven't and are not informed that the appeal to heaven flag was the first American symbol flown into battle under the leadership of George Washington. What does an appeal to heaven mean and what attachment does the Union of Appeals have with it? To understand the connection you have to look at an appeal to heaven for what it is. It is a people calling upon God as a Judge of the high court of heaven, seeking justice from their oppressors below. Deeply devoted prayers across the nation go before God's throne as appeals for his deliverance, which we call appeals to heaven. The theology that one can call upon the courts of God to be released from tyranny can be seen in history, as demonstrated by the forefathers of America against British rule. It's a principle our forefathers used to prep for battle. It was based upon the teaching of a parable from Jesus himself on how to be released from tyranny. Conditions have to be ripe, for the promise that Jesus made to his disciples through the wicked judge parable to be applied as a spiritual judgment of God over a whole nation. The appeal must be made of course, but a response should come back from God in order for it to be effective. An appeal was made in 1776, and God granted the American colonies freedom against British tyranny.

After the 2015 Supreme Court ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges, an appeal to heaven was made by millions of Americans regarding the tyranny of the current U.S. administration. God responded, and what he said may wake you up to seek justice. Sentiments from the days that our founders breathed rose into the air in 2015 regarding God's response to America's appeals. God's response tied us back to our founders. He reminded us that we did not form our 13 colonies in the name of any other god, but Father God, Jesus Christ his Son, and His Holy Spirit. We understand now that God is the giver of rights, as we did then. We understand now as we did then, that tyrants ultimately lose under God's justice system. We acknowledge God knows how to win a war and free a people. He shamed hell and did that at the cross of Calvary over 2,000 years ago. In mid-2015 an appeal to heaven broke out in our faithfulness to God and he responded. What he said regarding America, in response to her appeals will forever be known as him leading the way into a new era.

The Ancient Way

Today a new party is rising out of the prayer movement of 2015 because God commanded it to come forth. Through divine interaction with God, we established the UOA. As Apostles and Prophets, we went against the rulings of the Supreme Court and the Democrat party through appeals to heaven. Appeals went up from our location in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the same occurred nationwide with half of the Union's states officially joining in to make an appeal to God. As a response, Jesus visited his people. Principalities were overthrown and he called us to reform America's government. He allowed the nation to proceed with the desires of his heart, as he revisited the covenant and promise he made with his apostles. His promise to give us his justice and release us from tyranny dates back to the days when he walked the earth. Now, he called on his Ekklesia or Kingdom government, to form a new guard to replace the old. Our obedience as a response back to his command determines the outcome. He also had a word to say about Israel and other nations, but one thing is for sure, he called us into a new era of leadership. It's time for America to cross over. The world needs the voice of God's people. He is making a new sound so his house may be heard in the nations once again. God's ultimate motive remains evident in his communication, to have a representation of his Kingdom in the earthly realm that prepares the way for Jesus.

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Our motives for justice are vital, without pure motives your practice is unjust.

By Sean Dylan, the Founder & 1st Speaker of the Union of Appeals & an Avid Proponent of American Government Reformation & Revival.

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