The Union of Appeals Press desires to represent the American voice and the appeals of the Union. UOA PRESS is the authority in government reformation briefings.

Addressing the Appeals of Our Union

The Union of Appeals Press desires to represent the American voice and the appeals of the Union. UOA PRESS is the authority in government reformation briefings. We release press that reverberates around "Restoring the Republic" for the Kingdom of God in America. The Patriots are rising to take back the American government and revive her from the root. We self-identify with our national heritage as Christian Colonists who established the American Republic through "An Appeal to Heaven." We firmly believe that the appeal our forefathers made to God alone, then to one another through the Declaration of Independence is not void. We believe it is our right and our duty to throw off a government with long lists of usurpations that are evident in the modern-day Democrat administration. We are seeking restoration of the American Republic firstly through the abolishment of abortion, and a return to the values of self-governance independent from all forms of tyranny. We the people have formed this Union and must restore her when she is threatened from within and without. The official UOA motto, "Semper Sub Deo-Always Under God" has been adopted, because we are called to stand firm in our Christian faith as a covenant nation under God Almighty. We are the Union of Appeals.

Why Do We Need the Union of Appeals

A Voice for Government Reformation

  • We need a new political party to lead us into the future and the voice that speaks it forth. The Democrat and Republic parties and rickety old systems are failing our convergence of freedom from moving forward.
  • Interest groups and lobbyists are funneling agendas to the top. The UOA will challenge dark money and expose shadow government movements to report false crises operating through our government to cripple our economy.
  • The leadership of our two-party system is in gridlock due to constant battles. A new sound must arise to regulate the two-parent parties from dividing the country and the union must be restored under God.

A Justice League

The UOA must form into a body of leaders that adopt our non-tyrannical ideology that spans freedom across international borders. As a League of the Nations or a Justice League, we must work rigorously to stop tyranny and weapons of war from destroying nations and people groups. As defenders of life and liberty, a coalition of guardians must arise to protect human rights and speak forth our freedoms across the globe.

Reforming Our Future

Currently, our government recruits Ivy League graduates to hold our most prominent seats of power, yet our greatest advancements are not found in those who are indoctrinated by educators but instead in civil rulers who are passionate about their national and spiritual heritage under God. We will raise up leaders that will guard our country with pure intentions for our people. A multi-race, multi-language, body of believers that are willing to engage issues that impact our children are coming to the forefront now and we must make a way for these patriots to lead.

A Flag Was Born

Official Flag of The UOA

Let Us Revive & Reform (toggle for flag description)

The flag of the UOA was designed to represent the warrior spirit of Americans in covenant with God. It was created during a time of growing opposition patriots faced nationally, to abandon their faith and national history as a Christian country. A great impression to remember our founders’ stand as a Union that appeals to Heaven alone is seen across the flag. The original Appeal to Heaven tree is reformed into an arrowhead as a symbol of war that the saints are called into, to fight for their inheritance. The name "Union of Appeals," directly connects to George Washington’s "Appeal to Heaven" flag. The UOA stands firm on the idea that we are a covenant nation with God through our appeals to him, to free us from tyranny as the giver of life and liberty we now possess. The Color Gold is used to represent the refining process the nation has been through in order to form a more perfect union. This flag calls for its people to recognize their Lord and Savior's admonishment of love, and to keep his commandments written in John 14:15. Set inside a gold ribbon of victory that rests above a Christian symbol of Government. Modern-day Prophets have prophesied about the imagery on this flag calling it forth as a symbol for a new League of Nations.

Creed of The UOA

“WE” Know The Truth. Our God Gave "US" His Sacred Words, “Wake Up, For You Have Found Favor With The LORD.” That Is “OUR CALL,” For “WE,” Share The Same Destiny, AMERICA!

Our Offices And Courts In The Land Are Compromised, Yet "OUR" Loyalty To God Remains. Though Men Disappoint, God Will Not. Though Men Are Tyrannical, God Is NOT!

“WE” Are “ONE PEOPLE” Under “ONE GOD,” And Before Him Alone, “WE” Stand To Resist Evil. “WE” Also Stand As “ONE BRANCH” In Christ Jesus, And As His people, “WE” Bear Much Fruit. “WE” Are The People Of Heaven And Earth. “WE” Are AMERICANS, And “WE” Are "UNITED" As “ONE FAMILY” Through The Holy Spirit.

A People Will Stand

Official Flag of The UOA FORCE

A call to abolish abortion (toggle for flag description)

We are a non-violent defensive alliance of American citizens willing to die for their rights of liberty unto life. We are a Pro-Life group that shall abolish abortion in America. Partner with us and stop American fetal genocide! The Union of Appeals vows to sign the "Prohibition of Abortion," from day one in office.

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