A National Motto

Semper Sub Deo, "Always Under God" is the official motto of the Union of Appeals.

A National Motto
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Yes, we have been asked by our creator to reform our government. Although the work ahead of us does come with obstacles, he has guaranteed victory over tyranny. Americans are in a position to overcome weapons that are formed against them. The opposition has been created to impale their freedoms. Those things attempt to thwart the emergence of new patriotic leadership and the sound that comes along with it. The Democrats cannot come along into the new era of American politics because they are unfit to represent the Constitution as Socialists. Breaking away from the old guard is imminent. The media and the left cannot hold back the tidal wave of patriots that are roaring against unconstitutional discourse among bureaucrats on the hill.

More than ever, we are in the beginning phases of great transitions of powers in our world. God is quite literally re-establishing us in the gates and doors of the highest places in America and the “left” know we are coming for our inheritance. This is a new work and nothing in time can compare to what it will be like when righteous people govern the world's most powerful nation. We stand by and watch as blue states turn into states of chaos and lawlessness under double-minded state leadership with immoral offices and courts in their land. Americans are fed up with tyranny in the world that would attempt to reject their religious views as they enforce vaccine mandates by government overreaching. The government of America shall not infringe upon the rights given to us all equally, by God. The right to exercise our faith in God for the health of our bodies, minds, and souls shall not be subject to mandates that offend those who trust in God alone. The Biden administration has gravely sinned against us and our constitutional rights by enforcing such vaccine mandates upon our countrymen and women.

Today, vaccine mandates handed down by the Biden administration shall not be the standard in the land that Americans abide by. We oppose all tyrannical medical abuse before and after birth, imposed by our current government. The American people shall perpetually resist the spirit of tyranny of all forms in our government. We observed your Democrat policies and have found that they are un-American. We must preserve our national faith and the Godly culture that exists in this generation. Furthermore, we shall not allow any government body to exclude faith-minded people from becoming part of those who change the course of our own government in America when we see blatant offenses to our forefathers’ documents of freedom we now possess. We reject and repudiate governance that does not stand under the truth of the living God who created us all when those same individuals come to do us harm. The Union of Appeals adopts the motto, Semper Sub Deo, “Always Under God”. We shall overthrow the bad actors of the left if it is the last thing we do on Earth. We desire to see America saved and mountains removed so that the prayers of the American people will come to pass. Americans have cried out to God to form righteous leadership in America and a new way for freedom to move forth. The UOA, as one Union that appeals to God alone, shall stand for them.

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We are being pressed to give up the fight. Why are we being persuaded to hand the country over to the left who will burn it to the ground? Stand together against those that come for your country. If you unite for God, He will bless you when He visits your country on the day of the Lord.

By Sean Dylan, the Founder & 1st Speaker of the Union of Appeals & an Avid Proponent of American Government Reformation & Revival.

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