Union of Appeals: The Prophecy of The Flag & The Presidency

Union of Appeals: The Prophecy of The Flag & The Presidency


39 views • Aug 11, 2021 • In July of 2020, 5 years after fulfilling Zachariah 3 in Little Rock God moved upon me to make a declaration to America. I was walking in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and as I passed by a Boy Scouts of America Club that was abandoned, I saw a small cardboard box sitting on the porch. As I opened the box I saw a beautiful American flag folded up that was never touched before. As I pulled the flag out of the box, the Holy Spirit gave me a great boldness and direction to take the flag and lift it up in the Downtown area and preach a message to the American government, so I did. That message was recorded and posted on this channel, the video is titled "A Planted Flag & Broken Vases." When I got home and posted the video, immediately after pressing the "POST" button, my video feed automatically scrolled on its own and landed on this prophecy of Kim Clement. This April 20, 2013 prophecy begins by Kim calling out Donald Trump and Richard Clarke who I believe to be the Cyber Security Specialist for The White House. God speaks to them regarding the one who would lift the flag. He goes on to say this person is influential and would become President because of his prayers. My name is Sean Dylan which means, "God is gracious & Influential one." I was called to be President by God at 16 years old which will all be disclosed in a new book to be released soon called, "Union of Appeals: Remembrance. This prophecy by nature of the Prophetic mantle on my life and the covenant God has made with this nation has been wholly received in respect to The Union of Appeals and we shall complete the work that God has established through President Trump, and we shall "Restore the Republic," once and for all.

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