Union of Appeals: A Planted Flag & Broken Vases

Union of Appeals: A Planted Flag & Broken Vases


110 views • Aug 27, 2020 • This message is to the United States Government that I preached for Independence Day 2020. I speak about allowing God to have his way with us and the need to trust him as we were established as a covenant nation to the Lord. That only God can heal us and restore this broken land. After posting this video online my video feed moved on its own and landed on a prophetic word from another Prophet. I immediately saw a prophetic word by Kim Clement that corresponded with this message that I just preached. Kim saw me lift up the flag in the background and he declared my call to Presidency. It is confirmation of the will of God over America and my life personally. We are to return to a government set apart for God's use alone.

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