Birthed Out of Prayer

The Union of Appeals originally branched out from a call by God to resist the enemy of the Republic during the onslaught of a 2015 prayer movement called An Appeal to Heaven. God required us to combat tyranny in America and set free the Republic from governmental overreaching against the American people. According to the Declaration of Independence, it is our right and our duty to throw off the Democrats from governing such a great people of God.


Why Government Reformation?

The reasons are long of why we are ready to exit the old system and form a new work.

  • We need a new political party to lead us into the future.
  • Interest groups and lobbyists are funneling agendas to the top.
  • The leadership of our two-party system is in gridlock due to constant battles.

A Sound of WAR is Rising

W.A.R. (Wisdom And Revelation) is our first series in this Mini Podcast. We will deliver insights into God’s strategy for reclaiming the land, establishing your God-given authority, and revealing how to advance with your true identity. Let’s explore how to secure your providential blessing.

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The book “Union of Appeals: Remembrance,” was written to tell a divine story of the Covenant that God made with America. It was written regarding the work ahead of us in the restoration of America and the reformation of our Government as we continue in our obligation to form a more perfect Union.
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